Westland has a Socialist Society, which is characterised as being a single class social structure. Westland's society is also charcaterised by high levels public ownership, welfare and social security, and anti-capitalism. Westlandic people are highly politically involved, with many either being a member of a political party (59%) or a member of the largest mass member organisation in Westland, the National Trade Union Coalition, or the second largest mass member organisation, the National Public Rights Union, both serve to represent and protect the people, and have considerable political influence with the Liberal Socialist Party

Social Structure

Following the Revolution in the 1923, the concept of Social Classes were quashed, with the express intent of removing all importance of the social class and working toward a single class social structure in which all are equal. The gap between rich and poor in Westland closed rapidly with radical progressive taxation of the rich and fewer taxes for the poorer population. This rapid change resulted in the achievement of the socialist society many historians say by the late 1930's. 

Whilst there is sitll a relatively large awareness of the concept of social class and social structure, it is not seen as important at all by the majority of the population, and there is an awareness by many of the lack of a social structure in Westland where all are equal, without exceptions. 



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