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Something Else From Something Else was an award-winning comedy/variety show that aired on Georgeland television (on the GBC) from 1992 until 1995. The program was the first TV outing from comedic and satirical troupe Something Else, and followed their highly-successful radio program, Something from Something Else, which had been broadcast from the mid-1980s.


The majority of the Something Else crew appeared on the show in one capacity or another. The exceptions were David Winston, who had left the group, and Juliet Markey, who declined to appear in order to anchor her own radio program. Winston was not replaced, but Gabby Sinclair joined the cast to take Markey's place.


The program took the form of a fake variety show, hosted by Keith Whitmore (from 1994, Whitmore and Sinclair co-hosted the show), and featuring "The Something Else Musicians", led by Patrick McQueen. The format was mostly an excuse to poke fun at variety television, and led into sketches and musical acts that were anything but 'family friendly'. In one memorable sequence, Whitmore interviewed real-life journalist Grant Kelly, recently released from a Congolese prison, and asked him "What's it like to be tortured?", after which Kelly strapped Whitmore to a large wheel and proceeded to 'torture' him on-air. This highly controversial sketch led to a record number of complaints by viewers, though Kelly himself defended the show and said that he wouldn't have agreed to be on it had he felt uncomfortable with the content.
The variety format was interspersed with a number of comedic sketches and parodies, as well as vox pops on bizarre topics (eg. "favourite type of rock") and stand-up performances from McQueen, Joe Riley and Melissa Kovac.
In 1995 the show aired its last edition, after having won two Georgeland Television Industry Awards.
Following the show, the Something Else troupe disbanded, although in 2000 they reunited for a stage show, Something Else Live, and in 2007 will re-unite again for a new television series, That's Something Else!, to begin airing in April.