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South Crossic escudo
Escudo sul-cruzeirense
The 1 escudo coin.
The 1 escudo coin.
ISO 4217 code SCE
User(s) SouthernCross Flag2 Southern Cross Republic
Inflation 2.8%
1/100 centavo
Symbol E$
Plural escudos
Freq. used E$1, E$5, E$10, E$50, E$100, E$500
Freq. used E$1,000, E$5,000, E$10,000, E$50,000
Central bank Bank of the Southern Cross Republic
Printer Casa da Moeda do Cruzeiro do Sul

The escudo (pl. escudos) is the present-day currency of the Southern Cross Republic. Its sign is E$ and its ISO code is SCE. It is subdivided into 100 centavos ("hundredths"). In the Southern Cross Republic, the decimal separator is a comma, and a period may be used as thousands separator, as in E$1.234.567,89.

Value of the escudo against the US dollar[]

Average value of US$1
Date South Crossic escudos
July 2013 795.29
June 2013 793.33
May 2013 751.52
April 2013 746.34
March 2013 746.18
February 2013 746.27
January 2013 746.44
December 2012 750.13
November 2012 762.76
October 2012 754.86
September 2012 753.97
August 2012 761.19
12-month average 759,02