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The Georgeland electoral division of South Emilypolis is one of 261 single-member constituencies of the Georgeland House of Commons. It consists of part of the Central Business District of Emilypolis, incorporating Dwyer Street, the Emikypolis Grand Casino and the Fox Stadium. South Emilypolis has existed as a constituency from 1891, though originally it consisted of a much larger area. The seat is one of the more densely populated. The seat's demographics have shifted over time - originally a strong Labour seat, the constituency is now considered a marginal one. The current MP for South Emilypolis is Carrie Molina of the Rally for Freedom, who previously held it as a Conservative from 2015 to 2016. 

Members of Parliament for South Emilypolis[]

  • Carrie Molina (Rally for Freedom) 2019-
  • Thomas Djindic (Georgeland Alliance) 2019
  • David Garcia (Liberal Democrat) 2017-19
  • Thomas Djindic (Georgeland Alliance ) 2016-17
  • Carrie Molina (Conservative) 2005-2016
  • Owen Garner (Liberal Democrat/Liberal 1999-2005
  • Noel Quarton (Labour) 1968-1995
  • John Ellis (Labour) 1946-1968
  • Harold St. Clair (Labour) 1940-1946
  • Roger Thackeray (Conservative) 1931-1940
  • George Weston (Labour) 1922-1931
  • Sir Eric Baker Priest (Conservative) 1891-1922