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The Southern Continent is the homeland of humanity on the planet Koneth. Humans first evolved along the eastern shore of the Great Inland Sea. For millions of years, these early humans were confined to a small area surrounded by mountains and coastline on all side, until the first primitive humans crossed the mountain passes. Later, early humans discovered how to build boats and cross the seas to the other continents.

Much of the lowlands of the continent are covered by vast jungles. Much of civilization is along the foothills of the great mountain ranges or the shores of the Western and Central Seas, particularly in the north where the climate is a bit more temperate. The equator crosses the southern continent just south of the middle of the continent.

Major nations and cultural groups of the Southern Continent[]

Civilized Nations

  • The Eight Kingdoms

Nations of the God-Deniers

  • Traqin

Tribal Groups