Spacial Implosions are commonly understood as being a situation where space collapses in on itself, possibly as a result of the use of Hyperdrive technology.

A Spacial Implosion

Implosion Theory

This information is based on a report by a Curodian scientist. An Implosion is caused when space is collapsed in on itself (the most common cause of this being the use of primitive Hyperdrive technology) and it becomes trapped. This means that when the space around it is released, it itself remains condensed, meaning that the space around it is drawn in to fill the area where it should be (this occurance is known as Spacial Distortions). This continues to happen while more and more space is forced to move, having a similiar effect to a Black Hole as in it pulls everything in from around it.

Common Causes

At the moment, only two situations have been percieved where and when an Implosion could occur.

  1. Through the use of Hyperdrive technology. Hyperdrive is a more effective form of Hyperspace which forces space into itself making it easier to travel through. Sometimes it becomes too tightly packed to escape and, consequently, an Implosion is caused.
  2. Through a combination of extreme heat levels and diverse chemical reactions. This is only theory, as a number of Distortions have been detected in Electros by the Curodian, which may have been caused by Implosions, among other things. Leading Curodian scientist have stated that the immense heat, responsible for large amounts of Nuclear Fusion, have created elements in a form that does not exist anywhere else in the galaxy. When these react together, the possible consequences are infinite, but it is possible that they could be a cause of Implosions, and therefore the Distortions, within Electros.
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