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Cambonnius is a strong nation for it's sport with multiple leagues and stadiums, every individual in the country has a team they support and get 51% ownership of amongst other fans.

Sports Played in Cambonnia[]

  1. Athletics/Running Really Fast

Gold Medalist: Lightning Mobulu from The Corps

  1. Australian Rules Football/Footegg
  2. Baseball/Batball
  3. Basketball/Handball

Coach: Footloose from G.I.Joe

  1. Golf/Hitball
  2. Grid Iron/Handegg

Coach: The Fridge from G.I.Joe Star Players Quarterback Steve Wyoming from The Corps Defensive Middle Linesman Brickwall from G.I.Joe

  1. Hockey/Stickball
  2. Ice Hockey/Stickpuck

Hat Trick Lemonade from The Corps

  1. Martial Arts/Footface
  2. Netball/Throwball
  3. Rugby League/Armpitegg League
  4. Rugby Union/Armpitegg Union
  5. Skiing/Skisnow

Downhill Skier Silver Medalist: Avalanche from G.I.Joe

  1. Soccer/Football
  2. Softball/Batfatball
  3. Swimming/Not Drowning

Womens Swimming Team Coach: Cutter from G.I.Joe

  1. Volleyball/Smackball
  2. Waterpolo/Drownstick
  3. Weightlifting/Liftbar

Gold Medalist: Crusher McClosky from The Corps