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Saint David's County
Comté de Saint-David
Heta Sapeves Dejved
Incorporated 31 July 1738
County Town Newcalvaryflag New Calvary
Area 7,082 km2 (1st)
Population (2006) 236,588 (5th)
Density (2006) 33/km2 (6th)

St. David's County (officially styled Saint David's County or County of Saint David) is a county in New Cambria. It is the largest of New Cambria's nine counties, though by population it ranks fifth. Originally settled primarily by Welsh immigrants, St. David's County now hosts a diverse population of nearly one-quarter million, most of whom live in the coastal areas. The more sparsely-populated interior is home to New Cambria's largest preserved forest area. New Calvary is the county town, and the largest city is Talbot, where nearly three-fourths of the county's population resides.


Adjacent counties[]


The area comprising present-day St. David's County was originally included in St. George's County when it and Cape Bangor County were first incorporated in 1691. By 1734, the population of New Cambria island was over 140,000, seven times larger than its 1692 population. St. David's County was incorporated in 1738, and was named such as a recognition of the large number of Welsh who had settled in the area; St. David is the patron saint of Wales.


No. Flag Municipality 2006 Population StDavidsCountyNumbered
1 Talbotflag Talbot 172,995
2 Newcalvaryflag New Calvary 16,863
3 Eastportflag Eastport 13,997
4 Colwynflag Colwyn 12,545
5 Braddanflag Braddan 10,755
6 Shawflag Shaw 9,433

The original 1738 boundaries of St. David's County included only what is now Talbot, New Calvary, Eastport, Colwyn and Braddan municipalities. The large, sparsely-populated municipality of Shaw was transferred from St. George's County to St. David's County on 30 September 1983.