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St. Fila's Palace is the residence of the Dukes and Duchesses (~640 AD to 959 AD), Kings (960 AD to 1848 AD), Prime Ministers (from 1848 AD to 1944 AD), and Presidents (1945 AD-present) of Leubantia. Prior to around 1000 AD, it was simply called "The Royal Palace". It is located in the capital city, Trilfuva, close to the National Theatre of Leubantia.

First Palace[]

The First Palace was built in approximately 700 AD. It was renamed St. Fila's Palace in about 1000 AD after St. Fila, who had been made the patron saint of Leubantia in a previous year. It was made of wood and was destroyed by fire of 1278 in the late 13th Century AD.

Second Palace[]

Work commenced on the Second Palace shortly after the first was destroyed by fire in the late 13th Century AD. The palace was finished in the mid 14th Century AD and, unlike the First, was made up mostly of stone. However, this did not save it from being greatly damaged by fire in the mid 18th Century AD.

Third Palace[]

The remains of the Second Palace were torn down and then work on the Third Palace began after the ground was cleared. Like the Second Palace, it was made of stone, but the kind of stone that the Third Palace was made of was made up of brick and stone that did not conduct heat, with minimal flammable material. It is the current palace.