State of Judah
—  State of Kania  —
Flag of State of Judah
Coat of arms of State of Judah
Coat of arms
Country Kania
Capital New Bethel
 • Governor N/A (F)
 • Governing party Federalist Party of Kania
 • Votes in the Federal Senate 4 (of 50)
 • Total 12,205 km2 (4,712 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 1,702,312
 • Density Bad rounding here140/km2 (Bad rounding here360/sq mi)
Time zone KST (UTC-3)
ISO 3166 code JU
GDP/Nominal ₭123.980 billion (2012)
GDP per capita ₭72,830 (2012)

The State of Judah is a state of Kania, located in the eastern half of the island nation. It is Kania's largest and most populous state, with a total area of 12,205 km2 and population of 1,702,312 citizens, and is also the wealthiest state in the nation. The capital of Judah is New Bethel, which is also the largest city in the largely rural state. Most of the population live metropolitian area near the national capital, Port Kane. A traditional stronghold of the Federalist Party of Kania, the state is currently governed by N/A.

Often the home of the nation's powerful politicians and thouse of whom have since retired, Judah's population is in one way or another connected to the government structure of Kania, or to its facilities which employ most of the Judian populace. The historical center of Kania's growth and development, Judah's the home of Kania large industrial centers near the central regions of the nation, and provides the lion's share of the revenue generated by the nation. Though many jobs are moving to other states per the government's economic schemes, Judah's still remains very much the industrial heart of Kania.







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