Stavrania is a planet similar to Earth in many ways. It has humans as the dominant species, its got moden-day-style-cities. But here's what Earth doesn't have. Unique technology far superior to our own. They even have dinosaurs as pets(small ones, the houses don't have enough room for ones like Tyrannosaurus or something. Plus, it eats meat anyway.) And aliens sometimes visit Stavrania for vacation.

Famous areas

Stavrania City(the capital)

Seven Flags amusment park(largest in the planet)

Cloverstone Forest

Rinosha City

the Stavrania Tower

World Trade Center II

Monster Island


Stavrania is an island chain located between Africa and the United States. Its landmass is in the shape of a hexagon. Stavrania City is located near the Atlantic Ocean on the largest island. There are 3 other islands near the main island. The city of Groperville is located on the second largest island.

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