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Hon. Stephanie Georgina Hall MP is the current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Aushovia.


Stephanie Hall, Premier of Aushovia and Chief Secretary to the Royal Family

Early Life[]

Stephanie Georgina Gwynn was born August 27 1968 to John Gwynn, a dairy famer, and his wife Louise. The youngest of 3 girls, she was educated at Motoria Outpost Elementary School and later recieved a scholarship to study at St Mary's Capital School for Girls. After graduating she set her sights on becoming a teacher and enrolled at the university of brianna where she became involved in student politics. She joined the University labor club, and later the National Young Labor Party. At a YLP meeting she met Josh Hall, a trainee-doctor 6 years her senior. After a short courtship, they married.

After graduating, Steph worked as a teacher at several state school and was continiually active in The Labor Party of Aushovia and the Teacher's Union.

Rise to the Top[]

In 1989, several Labor party officials persuaded her to contest the Division of Gascogine at the 1990 National Election. The seat, wich had been held by former Conservative Minister Larry Ensbury for 13 years, was won by Steph by a Narrow margin. Although the Labor party failed to win government, she entered the Congress.

in the 1994 Election, Labor ousted the Conservative Government and took power. Stephanie was elevated to Minister for Families and Children, and later took on the portfolio of Minister for Education following the death of Maggie Watkins MP.

When the party lost the lection of 1998, she contested the Deputy leadership and won. Soon after however, party leader Rory Tickmore was resigned from Congress after the sudden death of his daughter. Steph took on the role as Opposition Leader un-opposed.

After loosing he 2000 election with an increased swing to Labor, the party won the 2004 election and the King installed Stephaine Hall as the Prime Minister and Chief Minister to the Royal Family, a position in which she continues.


The Prime Minister and her husband Josh have 4 children. Nicole (born 1990), Andy (born 1993) and twins Adrian and Michelle (born 1997).