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Stephen Richard Hamer (b. April 11, 1955) is a Georgeland politician who is the present Minister for Foreign Affairs in the government of Luke Macaulay. He is also Leader of the Government in the Senate, having been a Senator from the state of Scoita since 1992.


Senator the Hon. Stephen Hamer

Hamer worked for the Conservative Party for most of his pre-Senate career, having joined them while a law student at the University of Scoita. He stood for the House of Commons in 1979 but was defeated. From 1982 until 1987 he was President of the Scoitan branch of the Conservative Party, and became its National President in 1989. Hamer was the youngest person to hold either position. In addition to his role as state party president, Hamer worked for the Chief Minister of Scoita, Bernard Shaffer, from 1984 until 1988.
In 1990, Hamer joined the staff of the then-leader of the federal Conservatives, Eric Edge. At the 1991 election, he was given the second spot on the Tory senate ticket in Scoita and was elected to the Senate, taking office on January 1, 1992.
During the short-lived Edge government in 1995, Hamer was Minister for the Environment. When the Tories went back into opposition, Hamer became the Shadow Minister for the same portfolio. He was promoted to Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate in 1998.
In 2000, Hamer became Shadow Minister for Education, and played an integral role in Mary Byrne's leadership campaign in 2001. He remained in his Education role until 2004, when he replaced Bob Urman as Shadow Foreign Minister and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.
Hamer supported Sam Richardson's leadership bid in 2003, and Mary Byrne's attempt in 2006. Despite the victory of Luke Macaulay, Hamer remained in his position.
When Macaulay became Prime Minister in July 2007, Hamer was named as Foreign Minister and government leader in the Upper House.
Hamer represents the far-right, Catholic faction of the Conservative Party. He married Joanne Hawkins in 1989. Hamer's daughter, Lucy Hamer, is an actress who has appeared in several TV series.