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Stephen John Merrick (b. 1942) was a former Justice of the United Islands Supreme Court, appointed in 1985. He replaced Norman Greer, who at the time of his retirement was also Chief Justice of Georgeland. Justice Merrick served on the court until October 2003. Justice Merrick was seen as a moderate voice and apolitical in stance. Justice Merrick resigned from the bench after allegations of sexual misconduct and paedophilia were levelled against him by Federal District police. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. In July 2005, Merrick was found not guilty and released, but he did not return to the bench, as he had already been replaced by Jordan Haslem. Merrick is currently Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of West Mainland.

Preceded by
Norman Greer
Associate Justice of the
United Islands Supreme Court

May 3, 1985-October 17, 2003
Succeeded by
Jordan Haslem