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Stonehouse is a constituency, or division, of the Georgeland House of Commons. It is located around the town of the same name in rural East Mainland, in the state's south. The seat is named for Mark Stonehouse, a political activist in the 1930s. The seat has existed since 1942.
Stonehouse is a 'key marginal', and is somewhat of a 'battleground' seat, one of the 'fruit belt' seats that depend on primary producers as their economic base. The seat is currently held by Conservative Fred Osbourne.

Members of Parliament[]

  1. Jack Horace (Independent) 1942-1946
  2. Michael Rowland (Conservative) 1946-1954
  3. Stan Marshall (Labour) 1954-1958
  4. Michael Rowland (Conservative) 1958-1966
  5. Eric Logan (Labour) 1966-1970
  6. Hugh Solomon (Conservative) 1970-1975
  7. Fred Osbourne (Conservative) 1975-1987
  8. Kevin Simpson (Labour) 1987-1991
  9. Fred Osbourne (Conservative) 1991-