Orbital position

Fourth Planet



Rotation period

24 Hours 37 Minutes 22 Seconds (Sidereal Day)

Orbital period

686 (Earth Days)


21% Oxygen
1% Carbon Dioxide
1% Argon
77% Nitrogen

Primary terrain


Points of interest

Gumev Crater, Tranquility Valley

Immigrated species



Global Commonwealth of Allied Planets


3 Billion(2095 Estimate)

Major cities

Londinium, Ninjing, Hongcheng, New Dunsmere, Beaumer, New Haven, Harajuku,Xinxiwang

Major imports

Technology, Medical Supplies,Vehicles

Major exports

Fresh Produce(To Earth), Technology,Medical Supplies, Genetically Cloned Animals

Mars or Huoxing (火星) is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Sol System, named for the Roman God of War, it is often known as the 'Red Planet.' Mars was terraformed in 2072 to allows Humans to colonise the planet after the Colonisation Initiative was put forward by the Global Commonwealth in 2049, terraforming was fully completed in 2080. By 2095 Mars is a metropolitan world, with major cities such as Londinium and Ninjing, free from the deteriorating environment of Earth following the Great Rise. Many people live in the civilised cities, some people choose to venture out into the untamed wildnerness of the newly terraformed planet, and often live in 'frontier' like towns, most famously the town of Bernadette.

With an estimated population of 3 Billion in 2095, Mars has a unique culture, with a fusion of Earth cultures fused together, to create a mix of predominantly Western and Oriental Cultures. Mars has developed its own unique culture due to its mix of ethnicities, with large populations of British, American, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arab and Japanese descended people. 

Mars is predominantly an arid planet but also having vast forests and prairies, which is why it is sometimes referred to as Prairie Paradise, with a large ocean, the Buru Ocean, and one large continent, Hongdalu, which derives from the Chinese phrase for Red Continent. The first settlement on Mars, was Nanjing, which was settled by the first Ark Ship, Tranquility in 2074.



Mars is a booming metropolitan world, covered with glass and steel cities, such as Londinium and Ninjing, which were the first settlements human on the planet. Other major cities include, New Dunsmere, Hongcheng, Xinxiwang, Harajukubyu, Beaumer and New Haven, whilst other small villages and towns cover the coastal areas, the central inland deserts remain undeveloped.


Mars surface is mostly made up of large deserts and flatlands dotted with craters and valleys, Tranquility Valley being the most well known geographical feature of Mars, as it was the landing site of the First Ark Ship, named 'Tranquility' to land on Mars in 2074, and the valley was subsequently named after the ship.

Mars is mostly covered by the large continent known as Hongdalu, or the 'Red Continent' despite it no longer being red. Hongdalu covers the entire southern hemisphere of the planet, with the only other large landmass being Nipore, surrounded by the Buru Ocean, whoch covers much of the northern hemisphere. 


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