Robots, also reffered to as 'Bots are synthetic mechanoids that are in use in 2095. While Robotics are not widely used in modern society in 2095, some rudimentary robots are used for factory manufacturing, aswell as butlers and secretaries. Robots used in 2095 do not posess artifical intelligence but a form a rudimentary Virtual Intelligence, a 'smart' user interface, where some robots can retain historical information, some such as the Yutanyi I.V.A.N can retain information about a particular person and either allow then entry or deny. Other technology bordering on robotics is the AutoMed technology, a device capable of performing somewhat complex medical procedures without the constant supervision of qualified medical personnel. 

Major manufacturers of Robots are the Yutanyi Corporation's Robotics Division, Kirmizi Automaton and now defuct MediBot Interplanetary.

Robot Types

Butler Bots

Butler Bots, also known as Secretary Bots, or Securo-Bots are robots that have Virtual Intelligence, and are used for organisation, such as secretaries or bulters or servants in a household, some are able to interface with household systems such as televisions or lights. Securo-Bots are generally more hardy than average Butler Bots, Securo-Bots are used for security in a household or workplace or other public area, however not posessing any weapons, they can give a small electric shock to any citizen trespassing on their 'jurisdiction.' 

Notable Butler Robots

Manufacturing Bots

Manufacturing Bots are used in factories, normally consisting of a single arm with a specific tool for a specific purpose of manufacturing. Manufacturing Bots have no Virtual Intelligence or User Interface and are simply programmed to manufacture. 

Medical Bots

Medical Bots, or 'MediBots' did not prove successful in commercial markets, which led to the demise of MediBot Interplanetary. Many patients did not feel comfortable being operated on by a machine, and very few are still used today, those that are, are not used in hopsitals, and some find their way onto space stations are transport craft, aswell as being used by pirates or merceneries as torture machines. 

Notable Medical Bots

Mechanic Bots

Mechanic Bots, also known as MechBots, are robots that are designed to carry out repairs or maintenance tasks, however only simple repairs can be carried out, and MechBots have found their uses in major shipyards or factories, and some are used onboard spacecraft, such as Luxury Liners or Naval Cruisers for fast repairs in outer space. Most Mechanic Bots have virtual intelligence user interfaces and can respond to commands. Most mechanic bots are simple in construction and have small data banks. 

Notable Mechanic Bots

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