Spacecraft, also known as spaceboats or simply as 'boats', are vessels designed for interplanetary travel, specifically between for transport and defence purposes. They differ themselves from Skyships because they can travel inter-planetary.

Spacecraft are commonly powered by Nuclear Pulse engines, which create a huge nuclear blast propelling the crast forward in space at speeds capable of quick travel, and travel as sub-light speeds. Spacecraft are not protected by any particularly shields or high-tech 'deflector shields' and few have, or are permitted to have weapons, however soem are equipped illegally, such as those operated by well-equipped smugglers or pirates. Spacecraft land at 'docks ' located on the planets surface, which are often large dusty stretches of land containing markets and warehouses with mismatched spacecraft docked all over the place. Spacers use spacecraft as their main source of income and their home, travelling from planet to planet looking for any job they can recieve, even those illegall.

Spacecraft Types

  • Cruiser - Large military vessels, usually the largest spacecraft used for naval operations. 
  • Fighter - Small short range vessels used in dogfighting, for scouting, or interception usually carried by larger Cruisers.
  • Freighters - Large spacecraft, used for carrying bulk cargo to a determined destination, mostly owned by shipping corporations. 
  • Luxury Liners - Luxurious large spacecraft used to transport the wealthiest of the 'continuum, usually having entertainment facilities onboard for long journeys between planets. 
  • Mining - Vessels used for the extraction of resources and the subsequent transportation.
  • Transport - Privately owned vessels, usually owned by shipping corporations, and often used by Spacers or Smugglers.
  • Refinery - used for both the transport and refining process of ores and fuels.
  • Shuttle - Small short to medium range vessels, mostly used a transports through space. 
  • Yacht - Luxurious private vessels owned by the wealthy.

Notable Spacecraft

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