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In 2095 humanity has undergone many technological advancements, in areas such as space-travel, computer technology, anti-gravity and terraforming capabilities, and has become a largely advanced society. However the distribution of this technology is difficult, and one could find the pinnacle of high technology in one place, and low technology in another, and early 21st century-type technology is only available to some people.


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Cortex Software

Space Travel Technology

Space-Travel Technology has developed majorly over recent years since the first journeys to Mars and Venus and the terraforming and colonisation utilising Ark Ships. By 2085 commercial space-travel had been well underway. Independant commercial spacelines include Rising Sun Spacelines and Pan-Continuum, who both operate Yutanyi-built luxury liners utilisng Nuclear Pulse propulsion, which cuts down a 5 month journey from Earth to Mars down to just 2 Month.

Artificial Gravity

Artifical Gravity research had been well underway before the Great Rise, however following the disaster technological research was put onto hold for sometime. The quantum nature of gravity was broken down in 2042, which allowed great advancements in space travel technology and terraforming equipment, which cut down the average time for terraforming from centuries to just several years.

Nuclear Pulse Propulsion

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Nuclear Pulse Propulsion was first utilised in 2077 and was vastly successful. The Pulse propulsion allowed a spacecraft to reach Venus from Earth in just 1 Week, and 1 Month to Mars, which severely cut down travelling times for passengers and freight between major population centres of each planet. The nuclear pulse technology ushered in a new era of spacetravel, allowing new independant companies to get into the commerical spaceline business.

Anti-Gravity Technology

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Anti-Gravity Technology is utilised in skyships, hover vehicles and landspeeders. The main source of anti-gravity forces is Gravitoelectric coupling, which involves high-speed spinning super-conductors, which create a small field of disrupted gravitational forces. Another source is Gravitational Sheilding, however it has still not been properly tested and deemed viable, but is under research by Commonwealth Science Divisions.


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Robotic Technology is not widely used throughout the 'continuum, however in certain instances it is important, such as in factories and assembly plants, as butlers, or mechanic robots on spacecraft.

Other Technology


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