In 2095 most vehicles are powered by electricity or biofuels or off-world, solar panels, as fossil fuels are now almost depleated and extremely expensive to extract. Many 'Old-Tech' vehicles have been retrofitted with new engines to be compatable with new fuels, and some even with hover conversions. Most vehicles however do not have hover conversions, and the styling is somewhat retro, and utilitarian. In most of Earth's cities traffic is a major problem, with many traffic lights either not working or being ignored, with a mismatch of vehicles interwinding between each other, or people wandering out into the road in the middle of traffic. 

Hover Vehicles

Along with the anti-gravity technology that was developed alongside skyships and spacecraft, ground vehicles have also had some anti-gravity technology development. Hover Vehicles, do not fly, as it would be extremely impratical, they simply hover a few centimetres above ground, using roads, these vehicles are relatively expensive to produce, and few vehicles have this technology, public transport buses and cabs are mostly hover vehicles, Commonwealths official vehicles are mostly made up of hover vehicles, along with the Police Forces.

Land-Speeders are a utilitarian form of Hover Vehicles, mostly used in harsh environments, such as the Mars Frontier . The land-speeders are usually equipped with high powered gravitoelectric couplers, aswell as high powered air compressors.

Old-Tech Vehicles

'Old-Tech Vehicles' are ground vehicles that have been brought from the 'Land That Was', such as cars, tuk-tuks and motorcycles, and are often in extremely bad shape, and many have been retrofitted with badly mounted solar panels, for compatability with new fuels, and random pieces of body, and sometimes even Hover converions. Old-Tech vehicles often date back to the early 2010's, 2020's and 30's. Some oldtech vehicles have even been moved off-world. 

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