The Yutanyi Corporation is without a doubt the most ubiqitous and politically connected corporation in the continuum. Yutanyi produces almost any product, and operates in almost every business sector, with its main roots in mining, manufacturing, computer technology and agriculture, the Yutanyi corporation is the largest employer in the continuum. Founded in 2041, as Yutanyi Industries, over the years following the Great Rise the company has grown to become the size it is today. The corporation has many subsidiaries, mainly from smaller companies that it has swallowed up in the years since its been active. The Yutanyi Corporation was a part contractor on building the platforms for aerial and floating cities. The company has its main factories on Earth, mainly in the cities of Bellerophon and Jiangyin, while its headquarters were moved off-world in 2083 to Londinium on Mars. Yutnayi now produces almost every product that a normal human life may need, ranging from simple Coffee Mugs, to advanced Butler Robots, to vast Spacecraft and Tinned Food.

The Yutanyi Corporation is widely known to have been investigated on several occasions on suspicion of corporate espionage, however it uses its 'friends' in the government to cover its tracks, and the investigations were mysteriously ended.

Noteable Products

Consumer Electronics

  • Cortex Software
  • Yutanyi Compuscreens

Land Vehicles

  • YA-18 Hover Horse
  • YA-19 Hover Mule


  • Yutanyi I.V.A.N


  • Arboreal-Class Liner 
  • S.R.E.V Fighter (Part military contract with Harrow-Xeng).
  • Shihon-Class Cruiser (Part military contract with Harrow-Xeng).


  • Mars Orbital Shipyards 


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