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Supreme Judicial Court of the Federal Republic of the Chinese Nations

中华民族联邦共和国 最高司法院

The Supreme Judicial Court is the judicial branch of the government. The role of the judicial branch is to interpret the Constitution, monitor the Federal government and ensure the supreme unbiased justice is protected in the Federal Republic of the Chinese Nations.

Seven Supreme Judges (最高大法官 ) are nominated by the President and approved by the Legislative Senate to lead the judiciary branch. The most senior of the Supreme Judges presides over the Supreme Judicial Court, but does not out rank the other 6 in terms of judicial power.

One Supreme Judge takes office every year and serves a term of 7 years (renewable indefinitely). Hence, each of the 7 Supreme Judges start their terms a consecutive year after one another, allowing a possible yearly change in one-seventh of the leadership of the judicial branch.

Judiciary Hierarchy

Judiciary hierarchy

Structure of the Judicial Branch

The 7 Supreme Judges are aided with numerous High Judges (司法法官) in the Supreme Judicial Court, along with 5 federal bodies appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court to exercise their monitoring rights and duties; in order to defend the justice and the Constitution,

  • Special Monitoring Committee (特殊监督委员会)
  • Special Investigation Committee (特殊调查委员会)
    • Works closely with the Special Monitoring Committee to carry out investigations for any accused breach of law and/or code of conduct.
  • All provincial level Federal Courts (所有省级联邦法院)
    • Provincial level Federal Courts are not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, but rather under the Supreme Judicial Court in the judicial branch. Hence, it is the impartial court with the role of supervising all local courts at a provincial level.
  • Election Committee (选举委员会)
  • Public Servant Examination Board (公务员考试检定局)
    • The Board which is responsible for holding Public Servant Examination and ensuring the impartially of this selection process.
    • As per the Constitution, all public servant candidates must pass the Public Servant Examination in order to be qualified to serve.

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