4chanistan, being a small island nation of less than 10 sq miles in size, survives by its dependence on its purchase of foreign products and services including food, energy, water and sanitation. Since 2011, 4chanistan officials and many of the residents have pressed for increased self dependence due to failing international relations regarding cyber terrorism led by affiliates of Anonymous and 4chanistan itself and the risk of being denied services.


4chanistan is implementing methods for self dependence through the construction of wind power facilities on the island. Proposals include General Electric wind turbines consisting of a farm of between three and five 4mW turbines with the mixed use of solar panels on the roofs of buildings.

Water & Sanitation

4chanistan is surrounded by oceanic salt water, requiring that the island access fresh drinking water from the neighboring Bahamas. Several major residents have proposed the construction of a water treatment facility designed to desalinate salts from the water, making it drinkable. Smaller desalination stations exist for producing basic drinking water and home filtration systems are in wide use. Many of 4chanistan's building's water systems included salt filters to provide water for showering and toilet use when they underwent construction.

Most garbage on the island is recyclables including paper, plastic and metals. Garbage is required to be divided in separate bins for papers, plastics and metals and food garbage in used on the island in composting. Recyclables are sent to the Union of Everett to nearby recycling centers at a fee.


4chanistan primarily depends on foreign food products including meats, grains, vegetables and fruits. Some residents have proposed the creation of a basic farm for housing cattle and chickens for dairy products and the formation of expanded gardens for growth of vegetables, using compost piles for fertilizer and soil.