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Sutton Park is an inner-city district of Ostena in Viaska. Sandwiched between the mouths of two rivers, the River Vant and River Siil, Sutton Park was a strategic dock, during Ostena's days as a merchant city.

Sutton Park
Sutton Park

Sutton Park (red) within Ostena-Sellaport

Country Viaska
Population 20,658
Kipriae Island
Main Industries Business
(Historically Shipping)


Sutton Park is one of Ostena's most notable areas. A stones throw away from Haertsingvald Square, it's tourism and commercial industries are massive. Sutton Park's principal commercial areas are on Baltimore Avenue to the west, and Middle Street, in the centre of the suburb. Sutton Park dockyard is also noteable, no longer used for shipping, it is now the site of a waterfront Shopping Centre, Sunshine Quays (formerly "Nasca Shopping Centre"), completed in August 2008. The area is also home to the Sutton Park Stadium, home of Ostena East Coast Raiders Football Club. The bleak Stadium is due to be torn down in March 2009 in favour of a brand new state-of-the art one. To the east of the district is Greene Island, an island in the middle of Ostena, that has been turned into a nature reserve.


Being located on Baltimore Avenue, Sutton Park is served by frequent buses to both Ostena and Sellaport city centres. It is also served by three stations on the Ostena Metro, Baltimore Avenue, Sunshine Quays and Sutton Park Stadium stations. Each of which are within walking distance with eachother, but are all frequently used.


Sutton Park's boundaries are marked by Baltimore Avenue to the west, Capulet Boulevard to the south, and the River Siil to the east. The neighbouring districts are Convention, Ostena to the west, and Langham Park to the south. Across the River Siil to the east is Defence, Ostena.

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