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Tandaryl is a fortress town located at the southern border of Sigil, with a population of 500.

Tandaryl is situated at a valley between two mountain ranges: the one stretching west to the western tip of the continent and a much larger one spanning the eastern portion of northern Ethaya. This means that Tandaryl in a very strategic position, able to both attack south and defend any attacks originating from the south. Nowever, the two nations of Sigil and Tiranwyn are on rather peaceful terms, so there has not been much of a military buildup in this settlement in recent years. While Tandaryl overlooks a valley, and indeed forms a bottleneck at the chokepoint of the valley, the other two sides - west and east - are tall, sheer cliffs of mountain ranges and are considerably higher than its turrets are. To properly defend the fortress, then, there are two guard spires, one planted on the nearest portion of each mountain cliff, overlooking the town. The stone spires are expertly crafted, with interlocking parts specially designed to resist wear and obliteration. Their height gives them the ability to defend attacks from the mountain range as well as overlook the town from all sides. The upper portions of the twin towers are too high for archers to directly attack people in the town below. However, should either one of the guard spires ever be captured, it could spell disaster for the fortress town below. This is because enemy forces could swarm in from the now unprotected side of the fortress town, which only has walls facing the valley sides and not the cliff sides.

Beyond the walls, on both sides, a spiked moat provides a first line of defense against incoming forces.

Tandaryl has a very well developed training program for aspiring knights and is renowned across the continent for this. The program is made possible by the ample soldiers in Tandaryl, who have nothing to do but stare out beyond town or teach pages and squires. There is a substantial presence of blacksmiths and other crafters of weapons and armor to support the military force stationed here. Aside from these occupations, there isn't too much going on; after all, Tandaryl is mostly a military town.

In Chronicla, by the time the party reaches Tandaryl, the place had already received reports of undead activity to the south, sent by various runners all the way from Rathryn. Civilians who had never been trained before had initiated upon a crash course to learn how to defend themselves. They had mobilized for the event of an attack. Alongside these soldiers, the party ventures forth, adventuring into the besieged Tiranwyn.