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Taoyuan Space Tether
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Taoyuan Space Tether logo
Type Space Elevator
Structural system carbon nanofiber strand cable
Location 25°4'12"N 121°18'0"E
Town Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Country East Asian Federation
Owner Aerospace Exploration Agency
Altitude 695 feet
Started June 15, 2010
Completed June 24, 2010
Inaugurated June 25, 2010
Height 62,000 mi
Diameter 20 cm (cable)
Main contractor Infra Corporation/Everetti Government
Cost ¥260,400,000,000 (projected)
Architect State Development Office/Aerospace Exploration Agency

The Taoyuan Space Tether is a space elevator located to the north of the city center of Taoyuan, East Asian Federation. The first of its kind, it is intended to be used to lift heavy payloads and passengers into a space station in Geosynchronous Orbit at the top of the elevator structure. The space station will contain several docking ports for spacecraft and modular ports compatible with ConSat Series Two satellites. Its use will dramatically decrease the costs of launching cargo such as satellites and supplies into outer space. The East Asian Federation's National Space Organization is in charge of management of the space elevator.

Construction and History[]

Plans were drawn up in late November 2009 to construct a space elevator as a means to lift ConSat satellites into orbit cheaper and more efficiently than conventional rocket launches. With the relatively frequent tempo of ConSat hardware updates, such launches were creating more and more of a burden on the Federations' economy. With the introduction of Nanopaste in March 2010, the construction of long carbon nanotubes became much easier, and the construction of a space elevator became feasible for the first time. Construction began on June 15, 2010 in Taiwan, with the assistance of Everetti Speed Build Robots for assembly. The first mile was completed in 30 minutes on the first day, and the cable continues to move upwards. The cable was completed on Thursday, June 24, 2010, and the grand opening ceremony was on Friday, July 2, 2010.

Several world leaders were in attendance at the grand opening ceremonies, including .

A proposal for a complementation project, the International Lunar Research Station, was brought to the United Nations General Assembly by Yan Jie, the Federation's State Development Officer. The proposal is currently under consideration by the assembly. Some nations agreed to participate in the station's construction outside of the assembly, and construction of the colony began in early September 2010. The facility would be used by any nation wishing to perform scientific research in the Moon's low gravity environment, and also open for future possible settlement.

Space Station[]

The station atop the tether, the Shān Orbital Station serves as the counterweight for the elevator in geosynchronous orbit. The station houses a small departures and arrivals hall, and four standard docking ports for spacecraft to load and unload passengers. There are also five module ports for future expansion of the station, should demand increase, or should more facilities be needed. A specially designed orbital shuttlecraft will be based at the station, to move cargo and personnel from the station to satellites and other objects in orbit for maintenance, deployment, and other tasks.

Vehicles based at station[]

The Shanfeng Garrison, consisting of four prototype spacefighters, is assigned to the Shan Orbital Station to defend it against threats, human, or space-based. The Utility Shuttle is slated to assist in the construction of the International Lunar Research Station in the coming weeks.