Tasroco is the capital city of the United Federation of Saydney as well as being the state capital for Candarra. It is home to 7.4 million people. Tasroco faces out toward the Pacific Ocean and has what are regarded as the best beaches in the country its for this reason that Tasroco receives a lot of tourists, both domestic and international. The Tasroco River runs through the centre of the city, dividing it into north and south. The north bank contains Tasroco’s Financial district where Saydneys major trading houses and financial institutions are housed. The Most impressive feature of the city is Capital Park, and covers a large proportion of the inner city and contains with in its boundary the Presidential Palace, The Houses of Parliament and the Federation Monument.

Tasroco Recently lost to London to hold the 2012 Olympics, however the cities mayor Jerard Dantes has declared the city will bid for the 2016 Olympics.