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Teal Auria[]

Teal is Qura's father and a farmer.

A strict head of the household, Teal tolerates no disobedience from his daughter and only child Qura, often having to resort to whips to get her in line. At the outset of Chronicle, he arranges Qura's marriage with Intael (who is incidentally her best friend's brother), much to Qura's dislike. Although sometimes his and Sara's interests clash, Sara is actually home often while Teal is out working the family farm. His force of will and paternalistic control means that his interests always precede Sara's in the long run, however.

After Qura disappears, Teal joins in with several others in trying to hunt her down. He is obliged by Judicad (Intael's father) to pursue the two girls, but after a few unsuccessful confrontations and plenty of days lost (they don't have horses), he has to give up. When Qura returns to Aeutaril, Teal renews his chase, but is ultimately unsuccessful. Towards the end he has yet another confrontation with Tyl's team, but by then could not possibly fully appreciate just how large and powerful a spellcaster party he will one day be running into.