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Tei is a language of Mercia, largely spoken in Troitnt (pronounced wrongly in Adrian as [tʃɹɔɪtnt] when it should be pronounced [ɹɔːn]). It is also spoken a bit in Npori and by the high councils of Lvange. It's also one of the languages necessary for being a wizard, as with Gnomish, Adrian and optionally the Ancient Tongue.


Tei comes from the Ancient Tongue, directly from the Gnomish stem, and begins the Meja Language Family at the top. All Meja Languages extend from Tei. It was a language spoken by the original faery folk before they gained independence like the Gnomes. It has evolved and sparked a little bit of Adrian, as some words are vaguely similar in pronounciation.


Tei is well known for it's use of large quantities of 't's. Although it not called 't', it is generally transcribed as 't'. The fact is, it shouldn't be pronounced by non-fairy folk, as it can only be pronounced by them due to a slightly different biology; two palattes in the back of the mouth that overlap each other and allow a sound similar to a trilled r. There are five sounds produced from this area (named the Bivelar), transcribed as 'p' (Divelar Plosive), 's' (Divelar Fricative), 'g' (Divelar Glide), 't' (Divelar Liquid) and 'ń' (Divelar Nasal).

Tei uses a lot of 't's in its words. Good examples are:

tzttatntratth - a.inf. The state of being slow

tratpptoittd - v.inf. To admit

xitntdyttqtiń - n.obj.inf The object of a competition

As you can see, Tei has infinitives for all words to help with it's declension and morphology.