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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Teleport is perhaps the most useful spell in all of Lorica, because of the many creative uses one can find for it - a spell that, on the surface, merely teleports a person somewhere else.

Teleport is triggered by blinking three times in rapid succession (of course, only for those who are able to use it, which is to say, the royal family only). The effect is instantaneous and very body-holistic (you don't leave half a leg behind, etc).

Altair first tells Qura when they are about to part that, should she ever want to be with him again, all she had to do was triple-blink, and he "would be there". Problem was, Qura took this to mean that Altair would teleport over, and not the other way around. So after the debacle at the Academy, when she wants Altair's advice and solace, she triple-blinks and suddenly everything around her changes - she shows up right next to Altair. Which would have been all right, except since she didn't know what she was doing she ends up teleporting there without her clothes. Very awkward situation indeed.

Only afterward does Altair teach Qura how to use Teleport correctly. Before teleporting, one would have to specify to the spell just what one wanted to teleport by specifying a radius. The person plus everything which is entirely in a bubble with that radius is teleported, which is to say that given a typical radius, any clothing, other belongings and even nearby people would teleport over, but the air and the ground, being very continuous entities, would not. A small radius (such as 0 meters) is useful for escaping harm, so a person grabbing onto one's clothing would suddenly find himself in possession of - just clothing. A medium radius (about 1.5 meters) teleports one without leaving clothes behind. A large radius is useful for teleporting parties. Also, it is possible to specify a new target for the spell, and Altair teaches Qura how to establish a backup teleport target within the Citadel (a very safe place, being the royal family's castle), but given their relationship as married prince and princess, they both decide to keep their default teleport targets as each other.

Teleporting has its counters, the primary one being either knock-out or the administration of aqua regis.