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Ninety-nine percent of the households in the Allied States own at least one television, however the majority may own more than one. Television in the Allied States is major mass media.

Broadcasting television[]

There are three basic types of television in the Allied States: broadcast, or "over-the-air" television, which is freely available to anyone with a television in the broadcast area, cable television, and satellite television, both of which require a subscription to receive. However local channels provide free over the air channels to a limited area.

Major networks[]

There are two major broadcasting networks in the Allied States of America, and about six smaller networks which are seldom(ly) used. The Allied States has a decentralized, market-oriented television system, thus has no national broadcast programming service. Instead, local media markets have their own television stations, which may be affiliated or owned and operated by a TV network.

United Broadcasting System[]

UBS Inc. (UBS) is a major American television network. UBS started out as a radio network. The name is derived from the initials of the network's former name, the Union of Broadcasting Services. The network is sometimes referred to as the Fox Network or more simply The Fox, in reference to the fox of the company's logo. The network has its origins in Allied Independent Broadcasters Inc., a collection of 16 radio stations. In late 2007, Robcom split itself and merged with the UBS. UBS owns channel 150, - 151, - 152, and - 179. One of America's most recent TV series, Warmonger, is showing on channel 151 every Friday night.

American Television Company[]

The American Television Company (ATC) is an American television network. it was created in late 2009. It first broadcast on television in early 2010. Corporate headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, while programming offices are in Oklahoma. The formal name of the operation is American Television Companies, Inc., and that name appears on copyright notices for its in-house network productions and on all official documents of the company, including paychecks and contracts. A separate entity named ATC Inc., formerly Capital Cities/ATC Inc., is that firm's direct parent company. The network is sometimes referred to as The Network.

Notable television[]

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