Helvoran Flag.png Kingdom of Helvore

Selected constate

Population: 32,846,312 (2016)
Author: Javants
Leader: King Andreux I
Project: The Nearly Real World
Capital: Rossterre
Summary: The Kingdom of Helvore is a sovereign nation in Western Europe, bordered by the United Kingdom to the north, the Aquitanian Sea and France to the East, Tyrburg and the Atlantic Ocean to the West, and sharing a maritime border with Spain along the Straight of Grenliviche in the South. Helvore is a Bayerist Constitutional Monarchy headed by a King, and with its main seat of government in the Capital city of Rossterre.

With a population close to 33 million and a landmass of 312,896 square kilometres, Helvore is the ninth largest country in Europe, and is a major economic power in the European Union and the rest of the world. Helvore uses the Euro, drives on the left, and is world-renowned for their excellent Mountain Ranges, History, Culture, and food. (more...)

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