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Thafilir Commercial City

Maxngã Tung
Su Josẽp
Area (land) 21.5 km²
Population (October 2009)
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Thafilir is the largest city by area and by population in Lxungion, along the Mekong River. It is also the chief port.


Thafilir began as a city originally built by local tribes before the Oi Dynasty took over. By the end of the tenth century, it had grown as a populous center of trade and commerce in Southeast Asia. During the Green Sky Period, it was the capital of Kwat Phai Swãng, a kingdom which ended up becoming the current Lxungion.


Thafilir is known as the most economically important city in Lxungion. The nearby Thafilir Industrial City has several productions ranging from textiles to machinery, which are shipped downstream to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Mekong has been widened in this area to make room for the growing trade industry.


The site of the city is on the north bank of the Mekong River, in that river's valley. The part nearest the river is a mainly economic area containing a small container port and the bulk of Lxungion's commerical buildings. To the north of the city is Thafilir International Airport, the only land airport in Lxungion. The airpor's main terminal and the only one on land, handles international arrivals only. However, it also contains a seaport for Lxung seaplanes in the other two terminals, which connect centrally-located Thafilir with other towns in Lxungion. It is also connected with other towns via the Trans-Lxung Highway and the Mekong River.


Like almost all Lxung cities, Thafilir contains upper class, lower class, and middle class sections. The lower class sections are located among the commercial buildings. The middle and upper class sections are located along the winding roads south of the Trans-Lxung highway that creep along the sides of the valley. Thafilir is one of the few Lxung cities that allows non-religious buildings to be in styles other than the Lxung Buddhist style, so that prospecting builders aren't restricted. Lxungion's tallest building is the headquarters of Wax Parjxon, the largest pharmaceutical company in Southeas Asia.