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The Bear Claw Bakery is run by Mis Ramira. It's the only bakery in town, and often doubles as a gossip center. It's located in the center of town. Though it's technically part of the the holdings for the Animal Rights Faction of Eternity Valley it is demonstratively neutral ground. Anyone can come into the bakery and treat it like a sanctuary - no fighting, no captures, and Normals are welcome too.

They are famous for their bear claws, but their best thing is homemade donuts. They have seasonal and local treats as well as all the classics. Even the Lock, Stock, and Barrel doesn't keep much bread on hand.

Hours of Operation:[]

Monday to Friday Mis Ramira comes in about 4:30, and if you needed it, she'd open the doors to let you in, but officially the doors open at 7am, and close at about 6pm.