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The Brittanico universe

3,000,000,000,000 BC: The universe is formed

1,000,000,000,000 BC: Sentient life begins

3,000 BC: The planet Corvasa makes contact with several other planets and forms the Hyperspace league.

2,000 BC: The Hyperspace league is now ten systems strong and the space defence force is formed.

1,000 BC: A group of religous prophets founds the spirit religion and name themselves Corvax Sect.

700 BC: The Hyperspace league has grown to 200 systems strong and the Grand Council is founded.

600 BC: The planet Gamma 3 uses its clone army to invade the H.l.

500 BC: The war ends and Gamma 3 is absorbed into the H.l.

450 BC: The Hyperspace league is now 1000 systems strong.

425 BC: The Commerce Combine is formed on Laluputra.

300 BC: The H.l forms the Hyperspace trade commitee.

275 BC: The H.l introduces the tax laws

271 BC: The H.l is now 3000 systems strong and is reorganized into the Galactic Republic.

150 BC: 15 new planets are discovered and colonized by the Human inhabited planet Rexel.

123 BC: The newly formed Trade union Tkes over the Cassn System making it its mian base of operations.