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The Collapse refers to the systematic failure of thousands of empires around 254,500 years ago. These systematic failures have led to mass amounts of worlds left to decay and slowly fall into chaos and destruction throughout the years. Modern day scholars and scientists theorize that it was caused my many factors that ultimately allowed many of the lower and less powerful empires to fall apart and transcend into chaos and destruction. It is an interesting note that even some early space civilizations descended into chaos and revolution causing even some none empire planets to be destroyed.


A wasted planet.

Initial Collapse[]

After the Arkhangelsk-Imperium War The Imperium began to break up and start to fall apart. Initially a few worlds began to cede from the greater Imperium which caused massive infighting and destruction. Initially whole worlds were destroyed and wiped out but after Imperius fell and the Emperor was assassinated that is when some of the worlds began to fight with themselves launching weapons at their own planets effectively wiping out and diminishing the populations severely. After core Imperium worlds fell one after the other numerous other factions began to war against each other causing many more empires to fall one after another due to the initial collapse. After massive failures in almost all of he empires in the Impiras Universe a few sole empires held together and tried to fight off the massive wave of refugees and roving bands of what were called The Harrias. This group of rebels and refugees destroyed aid and waged an open war on the surviving empires who named themselves the Illumias Confederation. While the Illumias Confederation fought valiantly they ultimately fell to the combined might of over 100 empires.

Secondary Collapse[]

After the initial collapse the Paracytill landed in the universe finding many planets ripe for their picking and transformation into Hive Worlds. At first the newly controlled worlds stayed isolated and abandoned space flight but soon various factions developed which caused planets to be destroyed even more and more by their inhabitants.


A destroyed city of an unknown planet.