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The Cult of Grotki was (and, evidently, still is) an order devoted to undermining the Parliament of Gäsfayögen in order to re-enstate the old ways of the Magic-using Kingdom. Grotki himself is not inherently evil, just a rebellious, zealous fighter for what he believes is right, as are his Cultists. The name of the order is misleading- the members do not fanatically worship Grotki, although they do revere him.

Known Members and Ex-members[]

Grotki - Grand Arcanist (At large)

Mjielgrädd Hergrön - High Arcanist (Missing, presumed dead)

Ugria Sögr - High Arcanist (At large)

Moriggun Ossilfeimner - High Arcanist (At large)

Ÿeldon Isädt - High Arcanist (Deceased)

Miog Ämolheimner - Arcanist (At large)

Lügon Fjornel - Unknown rank (At large)