==&nbsp The Desert Riders== The Desert Riders are a tribe of horsemen raiders. They orginated from a shelter in Little Rock, Arkansas, but moved to the abondonned town of Onaga in Kansas. They follow a cult to the Laughing Skeleton, the skelton of 'All Smiles' Hasting, who died laughing. They have a tendency for making profits.


They live in the plains in Kansas, Arkansas and Mississpi. They raid often yet there raids are less brutal than other raiders. There aims are mainly money than bloodshed or religous blodshed. They bond with there slepnirs, and love one other in clans. They will seek out anyone who murders one of thier own. They worship the Laughing Skelton, not through an actual skelton but through special places ie. lakes and rivers. They are very rich for raiders, and often have a form of goverment. The goverment is ruled by the Cheiftains.


In fall 2133, a group of unmutated humans left Shelter 12. They came to the ruins of Little Rock, and build up part of the city. They tamed slepnirs, and galloped the plains. In 2135, a man named Harry Hastings came to the town, attacked by the Plain Raiders. He claimed he was a god on Earth, and had a divinly air about him. Within a week, he had the Riders' support. Then he claimed to use drugs a good usage. Soon, the riders lived much like the hippies, untill they raided the town of Redbricks in 21