The Five Sectors are the five areas in which the Dendrius galaxy is divided. They are the High Sector, the West Sector, the Lower Sector, the High East Sector and the Low East Sector. The classifications were first used by the Concorrl.

Sector information

High Sector

The High Sector is, often considered the most barren Sector. Long range Curodian telescopes have studied a number of planets within it, and have concluded that only a few could support life.

Dominant Species

West Sector

Most of the West Sector is well developed and reasonably strong technologically. However, a large part of it is dominated by the Curodian, whose empire is biggest in the galaxy.

Dominant Species

Lower Sector

A large part of the Lower Sector is roamed by the Paleadonii, pirates who will attack most ships. It is considered a very dangerous Sector, but also an area of great scientific achievement.

Dominant Species

High East Sector

Most of this Sector is ruled by either the Cybernetics or the Nurians, who are locked in an unending war with each other. Few other species have any real technological development.

Dominant Species

Low East Sector

The Low East Sector is a brutal war zone across the sector. These four civilizations, as well as a number of smaller allies, are each determined to become the only dominant species, thus wiping both of its rivals (and their allies) out.

Dominant Species

The Sixth Sector

Some claim that there is in fact a sixth Sector, Electros. Normally, it is treated as a part of the High Sector.

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