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During the times of Samurai, Cavalry and Archers alike, new nations rose. Warlords, Tzars, Cheiftans, Dukes and Kings reigned over these nations and instated trade and peace with the other countries. In this world you will be able to create a nation in a time when wars were waged with swords and spears, not nukes and guns. Be ready for the more strategic and challenging hardships that await you.

The Golden Age takes place during 10th and 11th centuries(or atleast around that time). It is a good idea to check wikipedia or other informative sources if what you want to create was possible during that time. It is the same with things you are currently using. You can't use High-powered, modern sniper rifles before they existed. If you have any complaints of someone using something out of the timeline, please inform me on my talk page.

To request a nation, either post it on this discussion page or on my user discussion page. (Sepctor)

Rules of The Golden Age
Map of the world(Golden Age)
The Messengers(World News)of Golden Age
Concept Art of Golden Age