The Great Island Het Grote Eiland
Official Language Dutch
Other Languages English, French, Portuguese
Capital Island City
Government Parliamentary democracy/Constitutional monarchy
Monarch Robert II
Prime Minister Jon Van Dam
Deputy Prime Minister Eric Anderson
Area 86,982 sq mi

(225,282 km²)

Population 9,459,886 (as of January 2006)
Independence from the Netherlands by the Thomas Henderson Treaty, 1938
Currency Great Island dollar (GI$)
Location In the middle of the South Atlantic by the Equator
Motto Hoop en trots (Dutch for "Hope and pride")

The Great Island is a large island in the South Atlantic that was originally settled by the Dutch. The Dutch who found this island were just crossing the ocean when they stumbled upon this uncharted island. The Dutch government was informed, and they settled the island. They forgot about their discovery when a fire burned their records. This new country thrived for a while with no Dutch support until the same island was discovered by the Netherlands. Having no military, The Great Island was captured and named a part of the Netherlands. People moved to this new part of the Netherlands, but even these newcomers yearned for freedom. In a great war, the island broke away from the Netherlands. 

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