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The Human Realms of Marir are just one of the seven "Realms of Marir", but are the most well-known and widely-studied Realms of the Mari Universe.

There are two main continents of Marir: Ortia and Kamin.


Ortia is the largest and most diverse continent of Marir. It has six main realms, each with their own laws and rulers, and four languages, each with multiple dialects. The largest realm in Ortia is Gul-jör, the smallest the Isles of Jani.

Žiestyl and the Žiest Isles[]

Žiestyl has its own langauge, Žiest, and is the northernmost of any of the human realms of Marir. Žiestyl is a Monarchy, supports slavery and is the main supplier of coffee and cotton. The patron God of the Žiest Isles is Arkit, who has the powers of a Great God in this realm alone.


The official language of Tärk is Mari, but northern settlers may also speak Žiest. Though the Tärkin empire has been long forgotten, the ruler still holds the title Emperor. As in Žiestyl, slavery is permitted, but many villages are filled with free citizens. Tärk's main exports are slaves, to Žiestyl, its main imports coffee, cotton and tobacco. There is a long history of war between the people of Tärk and Gul-jör. The patron God of Tärk is ironically Oro, the partner of Gul-jör's patron Goddess. The capital city of Tärk is Tarkäl.


The official language of Gul-jör is Mari, the patron Goddess Manae. Slavery is not tolerated in Gul-jör, which is the main cause of war between this realm and Tärk, as slave-traders from the northern country kidnap citizens of Gul-jör to sell at slave-markets. Gul-jör has two capital cities, Gul-an and Joran, the major of which is Gul-an. Gul-an is home to the Palace, the army's headquarters, and the greatest Temples, but Joran is the trading centre of the country.


Pulsyn has two official languages, Mari, in the north, and the High dialect of Ponti in the south.


The language of Pontyl is Ponti, which has seven different dialects, due to the old clans. The main dialect is High Ponti (or Pontihu) which is spoken throughout the north of the realm, and used by all nobles.


Jani is made up of two islands, Jani Li and Jani Lo, which, in winter, are connected by a strip of ice. The people of Jani speak their own language, Nu-ja, as well as a southern dialect of Ponti. Jani is ruled by one or more warlords and allegiance between houses is constantly shifting, making the country unstable. Jani is therefore self-sufficient, the main diet of its people being rice and bread.