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Welcome, dear child, and read upon the history of our land and of our culture, for it is now truly yours. May these texts serve as lessons for us all, that we may no longer repeat the mistakes of our ancestors so that your descendants may live in a better future.

The First Era[]

During the First Era, a time of chieftains, heroes, villains, and monsters. A time of fickle gods who ruled the Islands as they see fit. Before the Day of the Foreigner and the destruction of our ways, our land was once a prosperous land, a center of trade and industry neutral from the conflicts of other nations.

The Foreigner Age[]

Bringing promises of progress and enlightenment, our ancestors accepted the arrival of the invaders who claim to be their liberators from the despotic chiefs and the chaotic gods. However, it did not take long before they reveal upon our land their true intentions. Having enslaved its people, the Islands became a colony of the mother country. But there are those who resisted and brought light to the path of nationalism.

The Time of Chaos[]

The foreigners have sapped our once glorious land of its culture and its identity, the people have become scattered and divided, and there is nothing else left to destroy. The Islands, now free, face the new challenge of nation-building. This new nation, filled with corruption and decay, would have to fight against the constant threat from socialists, neo-imperialists, multinational corporations, and its very own people who seem to be fast self-destructing.


There was little evidence of what has transpired during the time between the Time of Chaos our current age. But from what has been gathered, our scholars believe that there was a great war, or a sequence of wars, involving every people in the world. The destruction is so severe that it has ultimately changed the face of our planet. Our forefathers have survived, and has somehow built a decent place for us. Know that you, as with the rest of us, have been entrusted by the gods of old to truly revive our beloved Islands to its true glory.