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The Nis Island Stones are two big stones placed just outside Nissisbygd on Nis Island. The stones has inscriptions which no one has yet been able to translate. Because of the mystic inscriptions many different theories has been made about how the stone got there and who made the inscriptions.

The Inscriptions[]

The inscriptions in the stones are written in an unknown language. It is believed that the stones has been there for more than 1000 years, but the weird thing is, that the inscriptions are written in latin letters wich was not normal on that time in Denmark.

Inscription on stone 1[]

Gret tin fritan klo tulin nissi man klan
Tha thu hikku manil kloa milu tahui mon nak
Kino gre tin hylk na monis gryta
Lalo klino mart iin shyt trymiokl
Jis hrety tyr bynt thor manti yh
Mann tro lak jakoi trewn hultd fre
Tag tag nau hjeis jhonk lol
Rofli gre tin klino na monis manti
Yh gre tin, Uhy Gre Tin
Nissis issis benun

Inscription stone 2[]

Gret tyn frityn klo tulyn nyssy man klan
Tha tis thewo rdisa id
Welo veyo uver ymuc hmyde ar
Allth epeo plein thewor ldarede adbef oreth eykno
wofit temp eratu rewil lra isealo tan dwewil ldi
ebefo rethe ykno wofitthi swil lhap penin twotho 
us endandt hre eso bea ware ofit 
Thi swa swrit tenby klaas hung tykl inth eyea
roftwo thou sendan dfif 
tyand plac edhe rebyan uf
ointh epast

The Theories[]

There are 3 big theories about the stones and their inscriptions

The Mytholic theory[]

The Alian Theory[]

The forgotten nation theory[]