The Portal Keepers

The Portal Keepers were founded in Common Year 10 (658 AD). They were founded by Theron the Smith, whom forged the first portal blade, Janpier. They became an order of paladins, with blades that could cut a portal into thin air, commonly leading to another world, dimension or star system, or whetever the weilder desires. The keeper most protect the portals, and to defend the worlds of the Middle Planes from thoose of the lower ones (Hell). The Keepers are well-respected on most worlds (Earth not among them untill 2020). They are either made Keepers throught the forging of thier blades and through blood (desendents). Many of Earth's notable people were among thier ranks.

Notable Keepers

Theron the Smith (-20-53 CC or 628 to 701 AD)

Roger Bacon