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The Renegs (short for Renegades), are a subculture on the Net and act as online vigilantes .


In Reality, large corporations are taking over the physical world outside of The Net. There are pockets of resistance who do all they can to fight against Corporate Control of the world.

On The Net[]

The Renegs are dedicated to fighting against the Corps and prevent them from taking over The Net. The attitudes of certain Renegs are similar to those of the Pervs, using the domains Endra and Fochan as hideouts (They may also sometimes hid in Pirate Bay). This often causes other subcultures to compare them with the Pervs.



One of the symbols of Anonymous

Anonymous is a well known vigilante group on The Net who's purpose is to expose and defeat the organization of Scientology, a "religious" cult accused of money laundering, manslaughter and harassment. Formed up mostly by Renegs, they have fought Scientology on separate occasions, and clashed several times on Scientology's domain on The Net. Anonymous is a large influence to Renegs on The Net. According to a survey conducted in 2008, when avatars first think of Renegs, they often think of Anonymous.

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