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The Robots, also referred to as the Machines, the Androids etc., were, unsurprisingly, the massive collective of independent, war-like robots created by the Tharkans thousands of years ago. The cyborgized race was eventually betrayed and defeated by its' own creations, quickly losing ground and finally ending on the verge of extinction.

Claiming their homeworld, Macchadon, as their capital planet, the Robots started to develop and expand. In the course of the following centuries, they had evolved and reached very high levels of intelligence and military power. For the reasons unknown, in the addition to desire to become perfect, they set a second goal: the purification of the Velara Galaxy from all "imperfect" living beings.

During the galaxy's history, the Machines engaged the other interstellar states numerous times, and as the time progressed, they were becoming more and more dangerous. Eventually, in the 19th Century they became such powerful, that they finally could purify all of the galaxy at once. The Machine Purge started.

After one year of disastrous battles, the Robots tore through the defenses of their opponents, wreaking havoc and causing the collapses of their governments. Only small packs of ill-organized fleets remained, continuing the futile resistance. It was then when the Acients reluctantly decided to intervene.

With unimaginable power at their disposal, they quickly revived the fallen states and helped them in a massive counter-attack. After next 3 hard years of heavy warfare, the Hypersteel Armada was obliterated and Macchadon totally destroyed. The Robots were seemingly wiped out.