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The World of Thudd: A Joint World Building Project by Tommy & Charlene

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First Epoch[]

In the early days, each complete cycle of seasons is accounted as an Age. There is only a single Age in the First Epoch.

Second Epoch[]

Two cycles are accounted as an Age. 2 Ages in this Epoch. (Season=800years) (2400 years: cycle) (4800 years: 2nd Epoch)
  • Second Age
  • Third Age

Third Epoch[]

4 cycles are accounted as an Age. 3 Ages. (Season=400years) (6400 years: cycle) (19 200 years: 3rd Epoch)
  • Fourth Age
  • Fifth Age
  • Sixth Age

Fourth Epoch[]

There was a blur in the accounting of Ages for the cycles of seasons varied, until it dimmed into the next Epoch.

Fifth Epoch[]

There is no more cycle. The seasons are now Day and Night.