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When an man named Frank and wife Sally wanted an two buildings so they can have goverment meetings,Sally won the lottery five times.Suspected of cheating she was arrested but the charges were dropped.They send workers to build them.It was built in five years after which is 2015.

The first meeting and death of first female president[]

When the world's goverments were having an meeting,An group of terrorists came and killed a couple of people.Sally was took hostage with th fist female president Kate.Kate saw Sally getting murdered and tried to escape.However,A man named Lenny killed her.


After this,The towers were shut for half an year.An company named eco bought it.


When an group of presidents and their wifes were having dinner,An plane crashed into the building,Which killed Johnny and his wife Diane.Diane's head was still alive just befour an man slashed her neck.Then more explosions happened which killed most of the presidents in the world.A woman named Sarah and her son were the only survivors as the wilson towers collapsed.