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A member of the race of advanced humans who shares the planet Thelmadoria with the Day Lords. A Thelmadorian looks like a human but their ears are slightly round and their faces are more slender. Thelmadorians were among the first pioneers in space along with the other space-faring races.


The first Thelmadorians came to be from the continents of Lonn, Gethen, Relkann in 900,000 S.A. The tribes made contact with each other and became allies.

Then came the Day Lords and Day Maidens who absorbed the population. There are now a great number of Thelmadorians, which is 1,000 billion or even more. The Gungards or Gusards dynasty ruled Thelmadoria between 1120-1450 A.C.

Society & Culture[]

The Thelmadorians and Day Lords intermarried with each other and became a race of humans with great powers. Some Thelmadorians are also related to all the humanoids including the Lonn, Relks, and the Geths. The Lonn have dark skin and curly hair their eyes are maple colored.


The Thelmadorian Senate rules the planet. There are very large political families in office.


The Gusard Family flag, an example of Thelmadorian pride